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Photo : Anno Dittmer

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Yadi Yadi

Lux Interior par Claude Gassian (Paris, 1984)

Kill Bill (2001)

Pulp Fiction (1994)

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all right, basically I had two life changing moments in my whole life:

1) seeing this man live

2) seeing this man twerking

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"I famously came back after a whole night’s sleep, and I came in and Blixa [Bargeld] was there, still in the studio. He’d been in there all night and he was still doing the same guitar overdub. But in fact what he was actually doing, after eight hours, was tuning. He had been tuning his guitar all night. So, you can start to understand the condition we were in."

- Mick Harvey, from “If This Is Heaven I’m Bailing Out: The Death Of The Birthday Party” (via todf)

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I think this has to be my new favourite Blixa photo!